Issued by Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris
The prestigious Ecole Normale Supérieure de Musique de Paris – Alfred Cortot offers full scholarships to EDAGY students to continue their high studies with the most famous musicians and teachers of the Ecole Normale in Paris.

Issued by the National Conservatory of Lyon
Training scholarships for professors and advanced students of EDAGY for a period of one months.

Issued by EDAGY
For students who have accumulated grade point averages greater than 16/20 are granted tuition waiver that covers their instruction for 3 months at EDAGY.


Official diplomas are jointly issued by our school with the National Conservatory of Lyon in France


Occasional prizes are granted to outstanding students in the fields of instruments and composition. Prizes include, but are not limited to, books, cd’s, tickets to concerts.